Ms. Vanessa Pong

Vanessa PongĀ is the Founder and Chief Executive of LoveFaithHope Charitable Foundation established in 2003. The Foundation seeks to promote the moral engagement and social awareness of students and to make them active and responsible agents for improving society and the human condition. Upon completion of her primary and lower secondary education at Hong Kong's St. Paul's Co-educational College, Ms. Pong continued her studies in the United States, where she graduated from The Hotchkiss School and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Since returning to Hong Kong in 1992, she has obtained a Post-graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Hong Kong and a Master degree in Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Aside from her teaching credentials, Ms. Pong finished an MA program in Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong in 2006 to strengthen her holistic approach to education. She has taught professionally at elementary schools in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. She was a member of the Hong Kong Government Central Policy Unit Panel on Tripartite Partnership. She also serves as a board member of several schools and cultural organizations, providing her with deep insights into the educational system in Hong Kong.

Ms. Pong often gives talks at schools ranging from kindergartens to universities. Since 2003, Ms. Pong has organized regular trips for Hong Kong students to attend to the needs of under-privileged children, including hospice homes and institutions for the mentally and physically disabled in Hong Kong and China.

Ms Pong is also President of Live to Love Hong Kong, the local chapter of the international charitable organisation Live to Love. She is dedicated to creating lasting solutions to modern problems. For details of Live to Love website, please click.